Friday, April 13, 2012

Steven Lash: On the importance of financial savings generated by medical travel for patients

From Steven Lash

Satori World Medical President and CEO Steven Lash announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently issued U.S. Patent 8160897 entitled “Satori Integrated Health & Financial Benefits System,” also known as the Health & Shared Wealth Program. The patent has opened the doors for the sharing of savings and a 100% medical benefit to patients who choose surgical treatment from providers outside the United States.

The Health & Shared Wealth Program is one of Satori’s core pillars of excellence which serve as the foundation for the services that it offers. This is in line with Satori World Medical’s aim to provide excellent outcomes for a superior Satori experience.

From Steven Lash

Steven Lash said that while high quality care and patient service are the top driving factors for patients to choose medical treatment from international providers, the financial savings generated by this choice cannot be ignored as it can lead to more benefits at less or zero expense for both the patients and their health insurers or self-insured employer.

Armed with the patent allowance, Satori World Medical is the only global healthcare network that offers sharing of savings, including a 100% medical benefit to patients who prefer to undergo surgery from the Satori Global Network. In addition, the program allows for several methods to be implemented so that the generated savings can be shared on a cash basis between the patient and the plan sponsor.

From Steven Lash

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