Friday, August 31, 2012

Steven Lash and the Satori management team: Breaking new ground for global health care

When Satori World Medical Founding President and CEO Steven Lash created Satori’s Business Plan in the summer of 2007, he knew great things awaited the future of a global healthcare company. After raising several million dollars of funding, Mr. Lash was able to open an office in San Diego in April 2008. The backbone of the company is the management team, its members handpicked by Mr. Lash himself. They performed several duties for the company’s development—multi-day on site due diligence of the hospital and physician network, execution of agreements, filing of patents around the company’s business model, and development of policies and protocols, among others.

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Sending patients internationally was made possible by January 2009 because of all the actualization and completion extended by Mr. Steven Lash and the Satori World Medical management team composed of the following:

1. Ronald M. Johnson, MD, FACS, and Chief Medical Officer. His professional experience includes roles as President of the American College of Surgeons in the San Diego chapter, President of the San Diego Society of General Surgeons, and Chief of the Medical Staff at Grossmont Hospital, a large trauma and tertiary medical center in San Diego.

2. Kevin Poling, Director of Travel & Patient Services. Before joining Satori, Mr. Poling held key positions and important roles in prestigious travel and client service management companies like Carlson Travel and TQ3 Navigation International. He has over 20 years of experience in the global travel industry.

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3. Conni Nelson, Controller. She started out in the accounting and tax business with renowned firm Ernst & Young. She has a strong working knowledge in business analysis and data systems solutions, as well as the healthcare industry. A holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems, she combines her knowledge in accounting with more systematic and automated information systems.

4. Kristen Montez, Esq, Director of Legal and Regulatory Services & HIPAA Security Officer. She has almost 10 years of experience in human resources, legal and healthcare industries, with prior experience in managing medical malpractice, insurance, and civil litigation cases.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Satori World Medical's CEO Steven Lash: ObamaCare© to fuel medical tourism's growth

Although critics seem to persistently find faults that purportedly pervade the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) (also known as ObamaCare©), Satori World Medical President Steven Lash manages to find a silver lining in the controversial law. He believes that the law will continue to fuel the demand for medical tourism.

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Mr. Lash believes that “with the completion of PPACA, businesses are focused again in looking for measures to save on rising health care costs.” As a result, employers will continue to seek ways to include medical travel as a part of their employee benefit plans.

“With the addition of 40 million Americans having access to health insurance, there will be increased demand for health care services,” he adds. “That, coupled with the existing shortage of nurses and doctors, queuing for medical care will be a natural by-product.”

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Consequently, individuals will turn to medical travel companies, such as Satori World Medical, for immediate help when the need for a specialist arises amidst this conceivable shortage.

“Employers and employees will come to understand the high-quality health care that is available to them internationally as they look to end pain and ill health,” Mr. Lash said. He further notes ObamaCare©’s similarity to the Massachusetts health plan which has greatly increased the lag time for medical attention. With Obamacare©’s implementation, this situation may eventually become a national phenomenon.

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“As the low cost option, medical travel will be an attractive network for employer-based medical plans,” Mr. Lash concluded.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Satori World Medical: Bag staples during a medical trip

Satori World Medical offers complete medical and travel services according to the clients’ specific needs and medical conditions. The company is affiliated with various health institutions in Canada, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, the U.S., and Puerto Rico.

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This latest blog will talk about the essential things that patients, like Satori’s clients, should bring with them if they are going on a medical trip out of the country.

Traveling – be it for vacation or medical purposes – entails one thing: packing. What to bring is almost always the basic question. In answering this question, one of the primary things to consider is the destination, including its varied seasons and weather depending on the time of the patient’s travel.

Satori World Medical arranges all the patients’ travel and hotel needs – including the flight schedules, accommodation, concierge host, and transportation –to ensure that they receive world-class customer service all throughout the program.

It’s important to pack clothes that are suitable for the current weather of the country so the patient stays comfortable throughout the trip. Button-downs are smart alternatives to shirts as they are easier to wear and remove.

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A medical kit for the trip is also very important. It should include the basic gauzes, alcohol, ointments, motion sickness medicine, pain relievers, and allergy medicine, among others. The patients’ special medicine should be placed in a separate medicine kit so that it would be easier to locate them.

Aside from bringing a small blanket, face towel, and toiletries, patients and their companions can also bring books, puzzles, or gadgets to help them get through the long flight.

As much as possible, patients should also bring copies of past medical records. Although Satori World Medical already arranges the transfer of these documents for the convenience of the patients, it is still a good idea for the patient to keep a copy of their own just to be prepared.

For more traveling tips when going out the country for treatment, visit Satori World Medical’s website.

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