Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The makings of Steven Lash, medical travel mogul

Steven Lash’ name is slowly becoming a byword in the healthcare industry. With numerous accomplishments under his belt, his success has become an irrefutable fact. His story, however, is just like that of other successful people—a steady rising through the ranks by the melding of three factors: Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude.

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While a college degree is not requisite, education is nevertheless a priceless asset that serves as a springboard for a person’s career. In Mr. Lash’s case, it certainly helped that he was educated in some of the best management schools in the US. He took up Bachelor of Science with a degree in management from the Binghamton University School of Management. After finishing college in 1975, Steven Lash enrolled for an MBA at the University of San Diego and worked his studies up to their completion in 1982.

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A successful person, apart from acquiring a significant amount of relevant knowledge, should leverage on excellent work performance before making it to the frontiers. After obtaining his MBA, Mr. Lash worked for Sharp Healthcare—San Diego’s largest and leading vertically integrated healthcare delivery system—as executive vice president until 1999. After this stint, he went to Dermtech International where he served as president and CEO. After his tenure with Dermtech, he moved to Woodward Laboratories where he served as president from 2002-2006.


Steven Lash, amidst his experience, wouldn’t have been able to reach his current status as a leader in the global healthcare industry if not for his approach. Mr. Lash’s greatest asset is his drive for consistent excellent performance. This is manifested in his rigorous quality assurance policy in running Satori World Medical. On top of the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation of affiliated hospitals under the Satori Global Network™, he runs a robust quality program through the office of the in-house Chief Medical Officer, with the latter conducting frequent on-site check-ups to ensure that clients receive only the best healthcare available abroad—at par or even better than medical care provided in the US.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Steven Lash Satori World Medical: Demystifying medical travel

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According to Steven Lash, Satori World Medical president and CEO, the rising healthcare costs in the US, together with the availability of high-quality medical care outside the US at a fraction of the cost, are just some of the key factors contributing to the people’s increasing interest in medical tourism.

But if it is really that good, then why doesn’t every employer offer a medical travel program in the benefit plan? The answer is that the general lack of understanding regarding patient safety and medical quality is preventing the widespread adoption of medical travel.

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As with all matters of healthcare, having the correct information is the key. According to Steven Lash, Satori World Medical president and CEO, the following problems can be addressed by gathering adequate and accurate information:

• Will the procedures be safe? Is the quality on par with hospitals in the United States? Individuals should only participate in a program that solely contracts with JCI-accredited hospitals and conducts regular on-site visits to ensure high-quality medical care.
• Will there be stress? Individuals can avoid stress by choosing a medical travel company that does all the planning and legwork.
• Is bringing a companion possible? Individuals should always inquire about whether the medical travel program includes the cost of a travel companion.

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With companies armed with the right knowledge, medical travel can be a safe and cost-saving alternative for many companies. For more information regarding Steven Lash and Satori World Medical, visit this website.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Satori World Medical: Is quality healthcare really this affordable?

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The crippling costs of healthcare in the US are making more individuals want their procedures done through Satori World Medical’s global network outside the United States, often with the blessing of their employers, because medical travel not only is affordable but also helps keep their healthcare costs low. Medical travel also gives patients more choices regarding procedures they want done. In addition, recuperating at an exotic place such as a beach in Thailand beats a sterile hospital room all the time.

Even though medical tourism is more cost effective, unconventional and often times considered exciting, there is still one thing plaguing people’s minds: Are the hospitals performing these economical surgeries comparable to their US counterparts?

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Several accreditation organizations have been created to develop standards. One of these is the Joint Commission International (JCI), the international division of the Joint Commission that accredits American Hospitals.

Satori World Medical’s global network of acute-care hospitals are all JCI accredited.

Accreditation is key. The Joint Commission accredits notable hospitals in the United States like Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. A hospital accredited by the Joint Commission and its international division (JCI) provides the highest-quality care.

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Aside from accreditation and in response to the growth of medical travel, guidelines were developed by the American Medical Association. Satori World Medical not only follows but also exceeds these guidelines. For more information, please visit this website.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Satori World Medical to Exhibit at 2012 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference in Atlanta, GA

This article talks about Satori World Medical showcasing medical travel benefit as an approach to lowering employer healthcare costs.

San Diego, CA, June 23, 2012 --( Satori World Medical will be participating at the upcoming Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in Atlanta, GA on June 24-26, 2012. The company will be exhibiting the latest innovations in global healthcare, also referred to as medical travel or medical tourism, and how this approach can lower employers’ healthcare costs, while offering a benefit that their employees will value. Satori World Medical is excited to be sharing its value statement to the thousands of employers that are attending the annual conference.

“When an employer utilizes Satori World Medical, they can expect a savings opportunity of approximately 6% on their annual medical expense for their employee health plan, and sharing in this savings with their employees will lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention,” said Steven Lash, President & CEO, Satori World Medical. “It’s truly a win-win.”

SHRM is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 250,000 members in over 140 countries, the Society serves the needs of HR professionals and advances the interests of the HR profession.

Visit Satori World Medical at booth #3337 during the conference for a chance to win a Kindle Fire! To schedule an appointment to meet with a Satori team member during the conference, please contact or call (619) 704-2000.

About Satori World Medical:
Satori World Medical’s Global Network™ is comprised of International Centers of Excellence with leading physician specialists. Satori delivers all travel related services, while lowering overall medical expenses for both the patient and the plan sponsor.

Satori, through its patented Health & Shared Wealth Program™, is the only global network that can offer sharing of the savings, including a 100% medical benefit to insured patients that choose to have surgery outside the United States.

All physicians and medical facilities in the Satori Global Network™ are required to meet Satori’s rigorous quality standards which meet or exceed U.S. standards.

For more information on Satori World Medical, call +1 (866) 613-9686 or visit

Media Contact
Kate Roberts
Director of Marketing & Communications
Satori World Medical
+1 (619) 704-2005


Satori Global Transgender Program™ Partners with Renowned Serbian Gender Reassignment Surgeon

This article reports that Satori World Medical is to be exclusive the company to coordinate North, Central, and South American patients to the Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery.

San Diego, CA, August 03, 2012 --( Known as one of the leading gender reassignment surgeons in Europe, Miroslav Djordjevic, M.D., joins Satori Global Transgender Program’s network of gender reassignment and plastic surgeons. As part of the agreement, Satori will be the exclusive agency that handles all North, Central and South American patients starting August 1, 2012. Satori World Medical's Global Transgender Program™ provides individuals access to a high quality network of international hospitals and highly trained gender reassignment surgeons at significant cost savings.

“We are very excited and honored to welcome Dr. Djordjevic as the first surgeon in Europe in our Global Transgender Network™ and to be the exclusive company to handle patients from North, Central and South America,” said Kevin Poling, who leads Satori’s Global Transgender Program. “I saw there was a demand from our MTF patients and wanted give them greater access for this surgical specialty. When I found out that Dr. Djordjevic was world-renowned for performing Metoidioplasty, as well as Phalloplasty, I knew we had to add him to our network of physicians.”

Dr. Djordjevic is an Associate Professor of Urology and Surgery at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade in Serbia. He completed his medical studies, including his urology residency, at the University of Belgrade. He leads the Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery. As an accomplished Board Certified surgeon, Dr. Djordjevic has been serving the needs of the transgender community for over a decade.

About Satori’s Global Transgender Program™:
Satori World Medical’s Global Transgender Program™ has contracted with leading gender reassignment and feminization plastic surgeons around the world and in the U.S. They have established working relationships with all their hospitals and surgeons, and have negotiated and contracted procedure rates exclusive to Satori World Medical. For more information about Satori World Medical’s Global Transgender Program, call +1 (619) 704-2006 or visit at

About Kevin Poling:
Kevin Poling is a seasoned customer service and travel professional with over 20 years of experience in the global travel industry. He has undergone extensive training, specializing in the art and science of customer relationship management. Mr. Poling also leads Satori World Medical’s Global Transgender Program™. In this role, Mr. Poling is responsible for the developing, coordinating and ensuring the highest quality of patient service for the program. Mr. Poling is highly involved in the LGBT community and has sponsored Transgender Day of Remembrance in San Diego. He is a frequent speaker at transgender conferences throughout the country such as Southern Comfort, TransOhio and Be-All.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Satori World Medical: An overview of how the Satori process works

Satori World Medical is the world’s leading global healthcare network that offers complete medical and travel services designed to provide clients with world-class healthcare services. Operating almost like a travel agency, Satori offers convenience in acquiring health care in other countries.

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From the completion of their online registration form to their arrival follow-up care back home, patients can be assured that Satori will be there every step of the way to make the experience as convenient and as hassle-free as possible.

The Satori Experience consists of five phases:

Step One: Registration

• Clients would only have to fill out the online registration form at Satori World Medical’s website.

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Step Two: Information transfer

• Satori’s trained Nurse Patient Advocates are Registered Nurses who act as the liaison for patients and healthcare providers. They facilitate the transfer of the patient’s medical records and discuss with the patients their procedures.

Step Three: Medical Procedure and Travel Coordination

• Travel Care Coordinators will then confirm the selection of global network physicians and hospitals, and coordinate travel and hotel arrangements.

Step Four: Travel and Procedure

• Patients will be provided with contact details and reminder calls, and will be assisted in every way to make their travel experience and medical procedure exceptional.

Step Five: Travel and Follow-up Care

• Satori will make sure that the return travel and follow-up care needs of the patients are met.

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Learn more about Satori World Medical and the Satori Experience by visiting this website.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Satori World Medical: The right to high-quality health care is the right to life

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Satori World Medical believes that high-quality health care is life. Every person has an essential right to live. Nobody deserves to be turned away at hospitals just because they could not afford medical treatment. But with health care getting more expensive year after year, people find themselves unable to pay for proper medical care.

Medical tourism, or the act of undergoing medical procedures overseas, has been gaining momentum in recent years. Due to the high cost of health care in the United States and its affordability outside the country, many people are opting to get their medical procedures done in countries like Canada, Mexico, and Thailand, where medical care services are world-class but are 40-80 percent cheaper.

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Satori World Medical, the world’s first global healthcare network, makes medical tourism easy, affordable, and hassle-free. The company not only provides world-class health care services and shares cost savings with sponsors, but also coordinates all medical and travel services for individuals who need medical care. All it takes is one phone call.

The San Diego, CA-based medical and travel services provider is dedicated to helping patients have a chance to receive the health care they need and deserve—a fighting chance for their right to live and be healthy again.

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For more information about how Satori World Medical can help you, visit this website.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Satori World Medical advances the merits of medical travel

In the past decades, medical travel companies like Satori World Medical took charge of leading and handling the current popular innovative solution to costly medical care—health tourism. With the recession and rising cost of medical care draining both the moral and pockets of average American wage earners, the double whammy hit hard and deep into people’s purses.

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Health travel is a relatively new phenomenon. While public acceptance of its capacity to handle the escalating need for cheaper medical health care services has yet to expand, a good portion of the public starts to recognize its merit. There are many reasons to be optimistic. Steven Lash, the president and CEO of Satori World Medical, believes that “there is a kind of acceptance now that there is high quality care available internationally.”

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Now poised at the frontline of innovative global health tourism industry, Satori truly has enough reason to drumbeat the benefits of medical travel. Medical travel is a fast-growing industry, and it will continue to keep up with the demand over the next few years and decades with or without recession.

“Satori has created a business model that is poised for tremendous growth and profitability over the next several years despite today’s challenging economic climate,” adds Lash.

Satori World Medical - Steven Lash, From Steven Lash
From Satori World Medical

At the end of the day, it boils down to what the people want. Just as Lash said, “They know exactly the quality, they know the economics, and it’s their choice.”

For more updates on Satori World Medical, follow this Twitter page.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Satori World Medical: Thanksgiving and giving hope

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Thanksgiving is a holiday in the United States celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. A leader in global health care and travel services, Satori World Medical has something to be grateful for this coming Thanksgiving—the people who continue to trust Satori in providing them with quality yet affordable health care.

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The rising cost of health care in the United States doesn’t just affect those who need health care; it also contributes to the economic problems of the country. According to Bloomberg, a large amount of the United States’ GDP is spent on health care, and this is increasing annually. These huge healthcare costs are also making a huge dent on US companies, making it hard for them to compete in the global arena.

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Satori World Medical
knows that, by helping employers lower their healthcare spending, they would be able to allocate more money into the creation of jobs that could bring the unemployment rate down, which in turn, can help alleviate the economic problems of the country. And by making high-quality health care more affordable, Satori knows that the true meaning of Thanksgiving is giving hope.

Satori World Medical is the world’s first global healthcare network and service company dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality medical and travel services. For more information, visit this website.