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Satori World Medical: Is quality healthcare really this affordable?

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The crippling costs of healthcare in the US are making more individuals want their procedures done through Satori World Medical’s global network outside the United States, often with the blessing of their employers, because medical travel not only is affordable but also helps keep their healthcare costs low. Medical travel also gives patients more choices regarding procedures they want done. In addition, recuperating at an exotic place such as a beach in Thailand beats a sterile hospital room all the time.

Even though medical tourism is more cost effective, unconventional and often times considered exciting, there is still one thing plaguing people’s minds: Are the hospitals performing these economical surgeries comparable to their US counterparts?

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Satori World Medical image credit:

Several accreditation organizations have been created to develop standards. One of these is the Joint Commission International (JCI), the international division of the Joint Commission that accredits American Hospitals.

Satori World Medical’s global network of acute-care hospitals are all JCI accredited.

Accreditation is key. The Joint Commission accredits notable hospitals in the United States like Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. A hospital accredited by the Joint Commission and its international division (JCI) provides the highest-quality care.

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Aside from accreditation and in response to the growth of medical travel, guidelines were developed by the American Medical Association. Satori World Medical not only follows but also exceeds these guidelines. For more information, please visit this website.

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