Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Business and Care Model: Steven Lash’s concept of quality healthcare

Steven Lash is the founder, president, and CEO of Satori World Medical, a leading global healthcare provider that boasts of a novel business model. The company’s Business and Care Model, which was formulated by Mr. Lash himself, has been acclaimed by industry experts. In fact, when the company started its formal operations in 2008, critics like the team of Entrepreneur magazine immediately ascribed the company as one of the Hundred Brilliant Companies to watch out for.

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Mr. Lash aims to use a revolutionary approach in offering quality healthcare in a global setting through its business model, which is the combination of quality care, health and shared wealth program, world-class customer service, and companion care.

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The idea of Steven Lash is to use these four pillars to provide patients with a one-stop shop for all the services in obtaining a provider for their elective surgical procedure. Also, through its business model and its payor-supported and employer-supported programs, Satori is able to provide efficient solutions at minimal cost.

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Moreover, achieving the company’s goals and realizing Mr. Lash’s dream for the company wouldn’t be possible without the support of its clients, including self-funded employers, health plans, unions, trusts, municipalities, Third Party Administrators, benefit brokers, and consultants. Aside from them, the solid and well-skilled manpower of the company, as supervised by Steven Lash, has also contributed to the success of the company since its foundation.

For more about Mr. Lash and Satori, visit this website.

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