Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Innovative healthcare savings: Satori World Medical receives its second patent award

Satori World Medical has announced the approval of its second healthcare savings patent in a press release posted on its official website. According to Satori, the US Patent & Trademark Office issued a Notice of Allowance for its Continuation-in-Part application filed last year, further solidifying the claims of its first patent award (US Patent No. 8,160, 897).

Satori World Medical. Image Credit: satoriworldmedical.com

Satori Integrated & Financial Benefit System and Method (Satori’s first patent award)

This patent covers Satori’s Health & Shared Wealth Program™. The program helps Satori’s clients share in the financial benefit of global health care and helps compute the savings generated if patients decide to go overseas for their operation instead of having it domestically.

“When a patient selects Satori World Medical for their surgical procedure, its program offers several methods for the patient to share the savings with the plan sponsor.”

Satori World Medical. Image Credit: satoriworldmedical.com

Continuation-in-Part (Satori’s second patent award)

Satori President and CEO Steven Lash dubs the second patent as a “testament to Satori’s ability to be visionary and to provide an innovative service to individuals and plan sponsors seeking new methods for low-cost healthcare alternatives without sacrificing quality.” According to Satori’s report, the Continuation-in-Part relates in particular to how the system can calculate and share the savings through even more implementations.

Satori World Medical is the only global healthcare network that offers sharing of savings, including a 100 percent medical benefit to patients who decide on undergoing surgery abroad. Learn more about the company at www.satoriworldmedical.com.

Satori World Medical. Image Credit: paintingcontractorshouston.com

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