Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Medically assisted procreation: The gift of in vitro fertilization

It was 1978 when Robert G. Edwards conducted the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. As a result of its success, Louise Joy Brown was born, and since then, millions of childless couples have had their hopes of having a child of their own revivified.

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Rationales behind IVF

Through the years, IVF has been increasingly recognized as a viable medical recourse in cases of infertility. Female factor infertility causes include:

• Advanced maternal age (during which pregnancy risks are heightened)

• Blocked or impaired fallopian tubes which may be secondary to pelvic inflammatory diseases or prior surgical procedures performed in the reproductive system

• Endometriosis

Male factors such as decreased sperm count and motility, and blockage can also contribute to childlessness.

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Making life happen in the laboratory

The term “in vitro” technically means “outside the living body and in an artificial environment.” Therefore, IVF is a laboratory process where a woman’s egg and a man’s cell are made to join in a laboratory dish. This overrides the natural mechanism by which life is made, thus making it possible for couples to have children despite physical restrictions.

Despite all these benefits, IVF does not come without risks. Couples who want to undergo the procedure must understand the significant physical, emotional, financial, and time commitment which the process entails, and must be willing to face all the stresses and depression that they will possibly face in case the procedure is unsuccessful.

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