Thursday, April 11, 2013

What does quality care truly entail?

With the growth of the medical travel industry, more and more consumers are considering their options for medical treatment overseas. There are many destinations to choose from, and the costs and specialties may vary from place to place.

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The low cost of health care is still an important factor that convinces many to travel overseas rather than having the treatment for their condition done locally, but with the increase in popularity of travel for medical purposes, it isn’t the only consideration that many have.

Steven Lash, president and CEO of Satori World Medical, reveals that safety is still a primary concern among consumers. Patients need to know if the doctors and the medical institutions they’re looking into have been accredited by a quality and safety accreditation body. And, through the work of accreditors and the testimonies of many patients, many other consumers have found they can expect high-quality care abroad even if conventional belief on low cost will dictate otherwise.

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Quality care, however, does not lie on hospital accreditation alone. Rather, accreditation is merely the base point for quality care. There are other aspects to medical travel that consumers need to verify. For instance, they still need to check if their chosen destination can live up to their expectations for comfort and convenience, and this involves the need to check for the quality and atmosphere of the accommodations.

The patient’s preference is also an important factor to consider. Ideal quality care, as far as medical travel goes, includes the best outcome for the treatment, which is full recovery, expert after-operation care, and a comfortable stay in their destination of choice.

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