Monday, June 3, 2013

Better care for less money: Why more Australians are opting for medical travel

Many young people are not comfortable with how they look, which makes them opt for cosmetic surgery to correct their “flaws.” In Australia, many youngsters are turning to medical travel to fulfill their wishes of transforming their look.

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Cosmetic surgeries can be very expensive, especially in a developed country like Australia. This is the primary reason why many young Australians head overseas, most of the time to neighboring Asian countries, such as Thailand, India, and South Korea, to have their cosmetic procedures done, despite the anti-medical travel campaign that Australian doctors is waging to protect their bottom line. Medical travel surgeries overseas are affordable that, in fact, even with travel and accommodation costs thrown in, they are still cheaper than undergoing surgery in Australia.

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Overseas cosmetic surgery is a $300-million dollar industry in Australia alone. And with more and more people opting for medical travel not just for the procedure, but also for lower costs, medical travel truly is changing the face of health care around the world.

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