Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Demystifying medical travel

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Medical travel has seen a phenomenal surge in the United States. With more and more people considering this option for cost-effective health care, the media has quickly picked up, and before long, medical travel has reached mainstream media exposure, further helping spread public awareness.

But in the course of information dissemination, several erroneous notions about medical travel have found their way into the public consciousness. And while it may hold true in some isolated cases, an overwhelming number of the cases would prove otherwise, thus classifying them as myths which need to be debunked:

Medical procedures done abroad are always riskier

All medical procedures entail risks, whether they are performed within or outside the country. Also, medical travel agencies are sensitive of the clients’ regard for quality, which is why they do their best to ensure that the hospitals they are affiliated with are of the highest caliber. Steven Lash, for example, personally makes sure that hospitals in the Satori Global Network equal, if not surpass, the quality of medical care being provided by domestic hospitals.

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Medical travel is exclusive for cosmetic procedures

Probably the main reason for this misconception is the excessive promotion of cosmetic surgery packages in mainstream media. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Satori World Medical, for example, offers over 150 procedure packages in a wide range of medical specializations—from cardiac to dental.

Medical travel is a tour package with some medical procedure thrown in

Because medical travel agencies use exotic places to help them market their services, many people eventually got the impression that tourism is the primary purpose of medical travel. However, some sight-seeing may only be possible for non-invasive procedures or those with minimal recovery time. Those who will undergo major surgeries, however, may be advised to stay in total bed rest to help expedite total recovery, thus deterring them from having any side trips in their destinations.

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After breaking into the medical travel scene in 2008, Steven Lash has led Satori World Medical into unprecedented success. This Facebook page shares more information on medical travel.

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