Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The appeal of doctors with a more personal approach to patients

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With the growth of the medical travel industry around the world, patient attitudes have also significantly shifted. The low costs on medical treatment are no longer the primary concern, as many have shifted their attention to a more complete healthcare package that prioritizes full recovery through high-quality care, dependable post-treatment support, and a high level of comfort.

Steven Lash, president and CEO of Satori World Medical, previously revealed that medical travel gives patients the opportunity to travel to medical institutions overseas for the best treatment they can get, however they define it.

Patients, of course, have different priorities. Apart from getting the treatment they need, they also have certain requirements that they want fulfilled in order to be fully satisfied with their treatment. For many people, a physician with good bedside manners can make the experience more comfortable.

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The presence of advanced diagnostic tools in hospitals has made healthcare delivery more efficient. However, with the dependence on these tools, doctors and patients have been robbed of many opportunities to interact in the most basic way. Many people are already intimidated by doctors and hospital procedures, and an impersonal approach may make things more terrifying for them.

Medical travelers have found solace in doctors abroad, many of whom have been reported to treat their patients with a more personal approach than physicians in their patients’ home town. Being at ease with their doctor is important to many patients, and a simple shift in approach can turn a routine checkup into a meaningful conversation with a physician who truly cares about the well-being of his patient.

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