Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Social media: Outperforming other communication mediums in medical travel

The medical travel industry is continuing to see rapid growth no matter how saturated it currently is, with more medical travel service companies popping up to take advantage of the lucrative business that comes with its increased acceptance and use. Most of this increased acceptance may be attributed to medical travel companies’ use of social media, which helps them directly communicate with and market to audiences and potential customers.

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The International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC) was a two-day conference that seeks to be a platform that both medical service providers and their customers can use to better understand the latest trends and what really drives the medical travel industry. In addition to discussing the growing importance of technology and social media in the continued growth of the medical travel industry, topics such as patient rights, literacy, cross-border healthcare, more aggressive marketing, travel facilitation and transparency, and the consumerization of healthcare were also tackled. One of the main challenges to more mainstream acceptance of medical travel that was discussed was the creation of an environment where people can be easily educated regarding their rights and entitlements in overseas or cross-border healthcare using social media. Due to its popularity and its broad reach, social media is in the best position to provide this environment, outperforming traditional methods of communication.

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People getting onboard the medical travel bandwagon are most likely searching for the best doctors and the best hospitals outside the country, and through social media, medical travel service companies can easily assist them in doing so.

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Steven Lash is the founder and CEO of Satori World Medical in San Diego. More information about medical travel can be found at the Satori website.

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