Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Medical travelers display firm desires to maintain active lives, study shows

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One change that medical travel has brought is people’s attitudes toward health care.

This study affirms this when researchers observed the attitudinal characteristics of medical travel patients. The study showed that compared to other patients reported on the existing qualitative hip and knee surgery literature, medical travelers are:

• Less likely to question their need for surgery.

• Active in their pursuit for medical intervention and maintain active lives.

• Comfortable with taking control of health-related decisions.

"I needed to get the care for me. I’d waited long enough here. I knew I would get it there [India], and that was my main concern. And you know they, they took care of my needs immediately… That’s why I went over. My needs were taken care of right away," said a woman participant who went to India for a knee replacement surgery.

Why medical travel?

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BMC Health Service Research explains that orthopedic surgery is one of the procedures sought by international patients at medical travel hospitals, like those accredited by Steven Lash’s Satori World Medical. Although such procedure is being offered in the patients’ home country, it is more affordable in countries like Mexico, Poland, Thailand, and India.

Whatever it takes, those attitudinal characteristics can be used by osteoarthritis caregivers to better serve their patients who are considering taking health care abroad.

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Led by Steven Lash, Satori World Medical is affiliated with a number of top-notch health institutions from around the world. Its official website provides information on orthopedic surgical procedures and wellness options overseas.

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