Sunday, May 26, 2013

The unprecedented growth of medical travel

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When the prospect of medical travel was still in its infancy, many people were skeptical. They would ask, “Why would someone have to go outside of the country just to have some medical procedures performed?” Some dismissed it as a mere fad, something that will eventually fall out of trend and ultimately be forgotten.

If recent surveys could speak for themselves, however, the abovementioned preconception would be refuted.

The International Medical Travel Journal’s Medical Tourism Climate Survey 2013 shows that the medical travel sector is seeing a solid surge in the number of patients who went out of the country for the past year, with researchers expecting the trend to continue further for the next few months.

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In congruence, an overwhelming 80 percent of the study’s respondents portended the continued rise of international patients over the next year, with almost half of them going so far as predicting a 10 percent growth over the next five years. The survey covered over 400 clinics, hospitals, and medical travel facilitators in over 70 countries.

This positive outlook for the medical travel industry greatly benefits companies that provide travel packages to willing consumers. Steven Lash of Satori World Medical, a leading medical travel agency, believes that the industry’s growth potential may be driven by the constantly rising medical costs in the domestic healthcare scene. Amid this problem, medical travel provides a viable option that doubles as a financial and medical benefit: high-quality and world-class health care for much more affordable rates.

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Under the competent leadership of Steven Lash, Satori World Medical has helped lead the growth of the medical travel industry in the US. Learn more about the company’s services through its website.

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