Monday, September 24, 2012

Satori World Medical: Traveling the world with the perfect smile

Satori World Medical, known and trusted for providing its wide range of clientele with high-quality medical care, is in a relentless pursuit to cater to the average American’s every need. It has expanded its domains and is now offering individuals the access to a network of dental professionals around the world—providing the same quality health care at savings of 40-70% compared to domestic costs.

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The Satori Global Dental Network is composed of some of the best dental offices that use only state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology in care provision. Satori’s chief medical officer and medical quality advisory board also constantly check on the quality of dental care being provided in these facilities to ensure that patients only get the best health care possible.

A phone call to Satori World Medical is all it takes to take advantage of these benefits. For the convenience of the patient, a Travel Care Coordinator and a Nurse Patient Advocate will take of everything after the phone call is made—from arranging accommodations to coordinating follow-up care.

Satori World Medical
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One of the main highlights of medical tourism is its ability to fuse health care with leisure. By gaining access to Satori’s Global Dental Network, patients may get to have their oral problems treated and have their wanderlusts satiated at the same time. The individual gets to choose which among the following destinations will be suitable to gratify his travel desire:

• Costa Rica
• India
• Mexico
• Philippines
• Puerto Rico
• Thailand
• Turkey

With all these benefits conveniently rolled into one package, patients have more reasons to smile as they embark on a worldwide journey to experience the dental care they truly deserve.

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