Thursday, January 31, 2013

On colon cancer: Knowing the symptoms

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In many cases, colon cancer does not show symptoms. They begin to manifest only when the disease has progressed. This is why regular screening, especially for people aged 50 and above, is important.

Knowing the tell-tale signs of colon cancer can save lives. Below are some symptoms that may indicate colon cancer:

Changes in bowel habits

Bowel movements are bound to change. However, signs such as constant constipation and diarrhea should not be ignored. “Pencil stools” (stools that are narrower than normal), the sensation of full bowel after bowel movement, and blood in the stool are important warning signs that indicate an ensuing colon problem.

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Abdominal pains and cramps

Abdominal pain (aching, bloating, gas pain, or cramps) is often a rectal cancer warning sign.

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Weight loss and extreme tiredness

Unintended or unexplained weight loss and fatigue can point to problems in the colon. Unexplained weight loss is due to the presence of polyps that cause quick metabolism. Meanwhile, extreme tiredness is attributed to the microscopic bleeding in the colon that results to anemia.

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Once these signs are established, it is important to seek medical help immediately. Early detection of these signs can ward off colon cancer.

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