Sunday, January 27, 2013

SALGBA: Global healthcare innovation

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Working at local government agencies are some of the unsung heroes of the US, working long hours to serve US citizens. Thus, it is just proper that for the work hours they put in, they get proper compensation, especially health benefits. However, since the healthcare expenses increase every year, the government needs to find another way to provide high-quality healthcare for its hardworking employees.

This is why Satori World Medical, a leader in medical travel services, presented the latest innovations in global healthcare at the State and Local Government Benefits Association (SALGBA) conference in April last year, focusing on the benefits of medical travel and how medical travel can alleviate government spending on increasing healthcare expenses.

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Since the government is continually seeking ways to lower its expenses, providing high-quality health care by traditional means is getting increasingly difficult. According to this article, Satori CEO Steven Lash says that by providing medical travel benefits, city and state municipalities can save money while their workers and retirees can enjoy high-quality medical care. This is a win-win situation for both the government and its employees.

The SALGBA conference is a gathering of executives and administrators and is a great way for medical travel advocates to educate both local and state agencies on the benefits of medical travel.

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