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Procrastination: The risks of delaying health care

This article talks about the risks of delaying healthcare and the advantages of detecting and treating diseases early on.

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“I'll do it tomorrow.” You’ve all heard this said countless times. You even may have said this yourself. This is the art of procrastination, of putting things you need to do for another day. In health care, this is especially not recommended, as delaying healthcare carries risks.

Proponents of medical health, like Steven Lash and Andre Stachewitsch, agree that too often, a lot of people treat health care to be not as important as going to work or missing a class in college. This should not be the case, as your boss will just scold or reprimand you if you don’t go to work, and provided you take the time to study to make up for missed classes, there is little chance of you failing in college. However, if you delay health care, you risk your very life.

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Take diabetes for example. There are millions of Americans who have diabetes and don’t know that they have it because it has no visible symptoms. Thus, a lot of people die from stroke, chronic kidney disease, and heart attacks due to diabetes complications that could have been prevented had the disease been diagnosed and treated early on. It is the same case for hypertension, which, if detected early, can be treated with a simple diet change and exercise.

This early detection and treatment doesn’t just work for the big-name diseases but also for the mundane ones. For example, the loss of teeth can be prevented by regular visits to the dentist.

Procrastinate procrastination and take care of your health now.

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