Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life in another country: Where to retire

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More Americans than ever before are considering retiring overseas. Their reason: They don't have enough money to sustain their standard of living in their own country when they decide to retire. Opting to live abroad gives retirees the opportunity of improving their standard of living, if they choose the right destinations.

Here are the top two countries which are the most ideal retirement locations, as listed on


The number of expats in Ecuador is growing. Whether in scenic valleys or in cosmopolitan areas, Ecuador supersedes notions. The country is also home to premier hospitals, clinics, and well-trained physicians. Even travel executives and practitioners, like Steven Lash of Satori World Medical and Derek McMinn of WorldMed Assist, would agree that the residents in this country can take advantage of its Social Security healthcare system for low monthly premiums. Out-of-pocket expenses for medical travel services are also a fraction of what people would pay in the States.

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Next to Ecuador, Panama is also welcoming to foreign retirees. Apart from the comfort, the beaches, and the cloud forests, the country is full of friendly people. Many foreign retirees would say that their lives have become better than they were before and that their only regret is that they didn’t go sooner. Most of them are now enjoying a slow-paced lifestyle, which retirement is all about—slowing down and reaping all the benefits the world has to offer.

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Other world beaters include:

• Costa Rica

• Uruguay

• Malta

• Malaysia

• Mexico

• Colombia

• Spain

• Thailand

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