Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Medical travel: Saving money for elective surgery

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Elective surgery is defined by Joseph Devine as a procedure with the purpose of correcting a condition that’s not life-threatening. Although many consider this as non-essential and optional, an elective procedure is also done for important medical reasons, like the removal of cataract or knee replacement. Whatever the case may be, elective procedures leave consumers few options as far as expenses are concerned. Brad Tuttle notes that when money is tight, it only makes sense that less consumers choose to undergo elective surgeries as they have to pay out of pocket.

Enter the world of medical travel, where the likes of Steven Lash of Satori World Medical, Derek McMinn of WorldMed Assist, and Paata Ratiani of MedNet Georgia open a string of affordable opportunities overseas.

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No matter what type of procedure, medical travel is a money saver. From facial augmentation to hip replacement, significant savings are a sure fire when the procedure is done in the right global destinations, such as Canada, Mexico, and Thailand. Additionally, planning and getting the right hospital and doctor are crucial to enjoy the quality of service that all patients deserve, no matter where they are in the world. To save a lot on elective surgery without sacrificing quality, medical travel is the answer.

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