Thursday, February 28, 2013

Medical travel: A practical guide

With the high cost of health care in the country, more and more individuals have taken the bold step of crossing borders to obtain medical care through medical travel companies, like Steven Lash’s Satori World Medical and Derek McMinn’s WorldMed Assist, which have paved the way for less waiting time for medical procedures and sophisticated facilities at a fraction of the cost, causing more individuals to opt for foreign medical service.

However, there are some important aspects to consider before deciding to take on the journey of medical travel. This article lists down some practical guidelines. Included in the list are as follows:

Sealing the deal in writing. Going out of the country to undergo a medical procedure exposes individuals at various risks, which is why before leaving the country, medical travelers have to see the details of the offer in black and white. Understanding every aspect of the travel, from accommodation to the procedure itself, is vital to have a broad perspective if ever patients stumble into something unfavorable.

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Reputation check. A medical travel company’s expertise can substantiate the decision making. But leaving every bit of decision to the company has its downside because the company’s referrals may just be those that are affiliated to it (e.g., doctors and hospitals). Clients have to do their own research to see the bigger picture and find specialists and hospitals that really cater to their needs.

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Price check. Just because foreigners are charged a price they think is affordable doesn’t mean that it’s the right price for a particular treatment. Checking on local websites for the going rate of services and professional fees helps in negotiating on price without sacrificing the quality of service.

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The task of making medical travel less complex and more successful is a daunting process to begin with. Doing research and getting as much help from others’ experience somehow abates the anxiety in going through the process.  

This Twitter page contains links to more practical tips in undergoing medical travel.

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