Monday, March 4, 2013

Asia: The emerging medical travel tiger

A few decades ago, people from all over the world flew halfway around the globe just to experience the famed wonders of modern medicine. Procedures that necessitated complicated algorithms, cutting-edge technology, and specialized surgeons had to be done in western countries, just because they had the monopoly of all these things.

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That time, however, is now completely behind humankind. Tables have turned and people from western countries are now traveling to Asia to seek medical attention. Many patients are now considering some Asian countries as the best medical travel destinations in the world, which and are gaining ground against their western counterparts.

India is a staple case in point. Through the years, it has become a favorite destination for medical travelers and has been frequented by those who need to undergo cardiologic and orthopedic surgery. The country’s health ministry works hard to ensure that its hospitals maintain high benchmarks and regulates the issuance of certificates to the hospitals that cater to medical travelers. In addition to the quality of medical care in the country, procedures in India cost as less as 80 percent compared to those done in western countries, making it the more cost effective solution to ever-growing healthcare costs.

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Other Asian countries, such as Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and South Korea, are slowly but surely catching up in the medical travel race with the emergence of high quality medical centers that rival even the most equipped hospitals in the US. The Asian healthcare market is on the rise, and the medical travel industry is seen to greatly benefit from this unprecedented upsurge.

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Asia is fast becoming the main destination for medical travelers from around the globe. Satori World Medical, a medical travel company founded Steven Lash, aims to bring patients to these destinations for a world-class healthcare experience at a fraction of domestic costs. has more details on how you can start your medical travel journey today.

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