Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reclaiming wellness through medical travel

With the growing costs of healthcare, some people may find necessary medical procedures to be too expensive and out of reach.

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Examples of people falling under this cluster are members of the boomer generation. The country’s current healthcare situation seems to place aging individuals at a disadvantage. They’re at a stage in their lives that calls for medical intervention, yet financial aid to help cover the costs can be scarce and difficult to obtain.

This dilemma has been one of the biggest contributors to the rise of the number of boomers who have chosen to turn to medical travel for their treatment. Instead of living with painful and debilitating conditions, many have chosen to pay out of their own pockets because medical travel opens up treatment options that they can afford with some of their savings.

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In a recent interview on NBC’s news program Money Matters, Steven Lash, president & CEO of Satori World Medical, revealed that surgical procedures offered in many hospitals outside the US were, on average, had lower costs by as much as 40-80 percent when compared to the same procedures offered in US hospitals.

Medical travel continues to open doors for wellness for people who previously believed it would remain out of their reach. And, with many hospitals abroad striving to meet the stringent standards of the Joint Commission International, more people can believe that they’ll receive better quality care even if they pay for a lower cost to get it.

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