Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Going on medical travel? Know what to leave behind

When traveling abroad, many people prefer to carry along most of their stuff just so they can be prepared for any untoward incident which might happen during the trip. While this might prove convenient to some, it might not be a shrewd idea in all circumstances. Some things are much better off when left behind in the comforts of their own homes, or better yet, in the safekeeping of their friends and families.

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Satori World Medical, a medical travel company headed by Steven Lash, shares the following list of “things to leave behind while traveling:”

1. Important cards. Some cards, such as the Social Security card, are important yet totally unnecessary during travel. Removing them from the wallet lessens the things that need to be replaced in case the wallet goes missing.

2. Copies of important documents. One of the most important documents to leave a copy of back at home is the passport. In case the passport is stolen or lost, the copy may be used by friends or family members to remedy the situation back at home. Travelers are also encouraged to leave copies of their credit cards to be used as reference in case of loss or theft.

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3. Travel itinerary. By leaving a travel itinerary at home, travelers make it easier for friends and relatives to contact them during an emergency.

4. Jewelry and expensive electronics. Apart from being additional weight to the luggage, these items can also make travelers more susceptible to robbery. And because these might not be of practical use to travelers, bringing them over is a risk totally NOT worth taking.

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Are you interested in the idea of going abroad for a medical procedure? This Steven Lash blog provides the lowdown on medical travel.

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