Sunday, March 24, 2013

Predictors of tremendous growth in the medical travel industry

With the number of people seeking medical treatments abroad seen to be on the rise in the past few years, the medical travel industry has been notably booming. Many countries have, in fact, been adjusting their tourism efforts and fine-tuning their strategies to give greater focus to their health and wellness offerings.

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While there is currently a lot of development in the various related industries, Steven Lash, president and CEO of Satori World Medical, has revealed in an interview on NBC’s Money Matters that there is still much growth that can be expected for medical travel.

Given the boom in medical travel, people have now become more informed about their alternative options for treatment. Previously, consumers were ill at ease with considering medical travel given the prevalent belief that health care delivery and facilities outside of the US were inferior. Perceptions have long since changed and many people have seen that facilities in other countries were actually on par with, if not better than, what is available locally.

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This has led to an increase in people who understand that they have another option for medical care. The fact that people have an added option made available to them comes as a relief, given that the costs of local healthcare remain high while the whole nation struggles with economic recovery.

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Certainly, medical travel is not for everyone. There are people who cannot travel and there are people who still want their medical treatment to be done locally. But for the people who can travel and for those who find merit in seeking alternative treatments, medical travel remains a viable option to take.

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