Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Medical tourists: Enjoying life while attending to their health needs

Among the thousands of travelers who regularly flock to popular destinations for leisure, a growing percentage is also traveling abroad for medical treatment. The growth in the medical travel industry has been fueled by problems in the healthcare systems in developed countries.

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In the US, one of the problems is that high-quality care comes at a punitive price. This is why some who feel burdened by the high costs of care search for good options outside the country.

Meanwhile, medical institutions in developing countries have been significantly improving their facilities and their services. Many have created programs to attract foreign patients to their hospitals – with highlights like highly competent English-speaking staff and hospital rooms with all the modern conveniences preferred by tourists.

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Medical travel is an enticing option for many patients. Not only do they get the opportunity to get the treatment that will improve quality of life, they also can do it while experiencing the culture of another country.

While many still have doubts about going overseas for medical treatment, it is still a less expensive alternative. With enough research and preparation, traveling patients can find medical professionals they can trust and a country they’d like to visit for medical treatments.

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Steven Lash is the President and CEO of Satori World Medical, a medical travel concierge services provider. For more information about medical treatments overseas, visit www.satoriworld.med.com.

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