Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why the medical travel industry needs social media

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The medical travel industry is peopled with healthcare practitioners and healthcare management professionals. Their services and expertise are primed for interaction with patients. However, in the medical travel industry, patients are no longer just patients; they turn into consumers who have decisive roles in the kinds of services meted to them.

In medical travel, patients have more choices and can pick their own medical travel provider with the desire for more value for their money. And they no longer rely on medical travel companies’ websites and brochures, formerly where the markets sought references. Potential medical tourists are now more Internet savvy, reading online articles and reviews written about available medical travel providers. They seek out feedback people who have had the same medical procedures.

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This is why medical travel companies need to invest more on their online presence, actively engaging and conversing with potential customers in order to build rapport and create patient advocates. Building a loyal client base is a continuing conversation that can take place in social media.

Social media is fast outpacing traditional methods of marketing and communication, and medical travel companies who take advantage of it may very well lead the industry to a new era.

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Steven Lash is the founder and CEO of Satori World Medical in San Diego. More information about him and his company can be found at this website.

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