Friday, August 9, 2013

Why expensive healthcare does not always mean the best

While the nation struggles with various problems in the healthcare system, important medical treatments remain inaccessible for many. The cost of medical products and procedures are higher in the US than in other countries. For people paying for these out of their own pockets, the price is too steep.

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For some, a solution has been to think outside the box and consider getting treatment where it is cheaper – overseas. Medical travel is currently a burgeoning industry, with more patients considering medical institutions overseas as one of their more accessible healthcare options. 

Previously, most patients had reservations about seeking cheaper care options, believing that lower costs are indicative of substandard quality. However, news about the quality of care in medical institutions outside the US has worked to convince many patients to venture out.

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It’s difficult to ignore the benefits of medical travel. For many, the alternative is to go on without treatment or wait until either the price drops or their savings grow.

Venturing out of the country for a necessary surgery does have its pitfalls. But with proper preparation and research, patients can easily get the treatment that they need to reclaim their healthy lives.

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Steven Lash is the president and CEO of Satori World Medical, a leader in medical travel services. For more information on medical treatments available abroad, visit

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