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A show of manners: Satori World Medical's Director of Travel and Patient Services shares etiquette tips for visitors of India

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“It is important to know the etiquette of any country you are traveling to as to not offend the native people, but to respect their traditions,” Satori World Medical Director of Travel and Patient Services Kevin Poling explains in his blog entitled Etiquette Tips while in Mumbai, India.

Poling shares that the subject on Mumbai etiquette, protocol, and manners is somewhat complicated considering the extent of the system of customs and traditions believed by different people within the area. However, there are a few reminders that travelers can make good use of when traveling to Mumbai.

When greeting

The usual practice is to say “Namaste” while carrying out a small bow with palms together. A simple handshake while saying the person’s last name and the usual Mr., Ms., or Mrs. is also an acceptable greeting.

Visiting mosques

The Satori World Medical director of travel also advises that when tourists wish to visit mosques, temples, and monuments, they have to follow what’s customary in Mumbai, especially removing the shoes before entering the door.

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Communicating with the locals 

When discussing stuff with the locals, foreigners should not raise sensitive topics, including the cast system, religion, and even poverty.


Sharing food off one’s plate is considered a bad manner. The left hand should not be used when eating since this is believed to be the “dirty hand.”

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