Sunday, December 2, 2012

Steven Lash on Time Magazine's 'Outsourcing your heart'

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All business magnates have had their own ‘Eureka’ moments, and Steven Lash knows this all too well. Although Satori World Medical has burgeoned to become the premier healthcare company that it is today, it has achieved the success it has today due to Mr. Lash’s ‘Eureka’ moment: reading a magazine article that gave him the idea to build and lead a global healthcare services hub.

The article, a piece titled “Outsourcing Your Heart” written by Unmesh Kher and published by TIME Magazine on May 21, 2006, was a stirring manifesto against the crumbling and increasingly extortionate American healthcare system. It has foreseen the emergence of the medical travel industry, citing then isolated cases of US corporations that seek medical outsourcing due to being swamped by the rising healthcare costs.

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After a critical perusal of the article, one can easily understand Steven Lash’s inspiration for founding Satori World Medical. The article clearly delineates the advantages that medical travel can bring forth, even hinting on what would become some of Satori World Medical’s primary features.

As the need for healthcare alternatives become more pronounced amidst the global downturn and the increasingly decadent US healthcare system, Mr. Lash continues to lead Satori World towards providing access to high-quality global medical care, carrying on from the beacon that was cast by a rousing and visionary article—further looking forward to serve more people in the years to come.

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