Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Health care up close: Medical travel beyond close calls

Satori World Medical on Health care up close: Medical travel beyond close calls--image credit:http://www.ucobserver.org
Image credit: ucobserver.org

Many years ago, an outsourced health care would have made a lot of American economists cringe. In the same vein, even the mere thought of the prospect would have made healthcare professionals cry in protest. Many proud and confident individuals must have laughed it off and thought it wouldn’t fly at all. Yet, on the heels of humongous healthcare spending and unaffordable medical care that has been gripping the nation and making it grope in the dark for decades now, medical travel seems to be as bright as the sun.

Satori World Medical--medical travel--image credit:http://www.travelmarketreport.com
Image credit: travelmarketreport.com

Medical travel today is on the clouds, and to say that the sky is the limit will be an inglorious understatement. With a larger wingspan of benefits that could put to shame even the couple of trillion of dollars funneled each year into national healthcare purses, this billion-dollar industry is reaping more than a repaired tummy tuck and buttocks. The innovative face lift is institutional and phenomenal. Medical travel is a trend in progress. It will be understandable if some people or sectors perceive some risks. However, the benefits far outweigh any of those.

Satori World Medical -- Medical travel today is on the clouds--image credit:http://travel4all.org
Image credit: travel4all.org

Satori World Medical founder Steven Lash, who prefers the term “medical travel” over “medical tourism,” captured in words the “seriousness and the quality” of it all: "Because you're not climbing Machu Picchu when you're going through one of our procedures." Lash might have meant it for what it is, but the mountain of healthcare issues surely also come close.

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