Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Satori World Medical brings medical travel inside the corporate healthcare plan

Medical tourism is popular because of the cost and the outcomes. With over a million Americans now boarding planes for elective care at low-cost medical facilities abroad, Satori World Medical and other top medical travel firms today are upping up the ante—offering the trend as a cost-saving solution for employers and their employees.

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As medical tourism grows, it becomes a well of benefits that sustains the need for cost-effective healthcare options. It is a "win-win-win," says Steve Lash, President and CEO of Satori. A pioneering brand in medical tourism, Satori is known for setting the trend in encouraging employers to repackage their benefit contracts for employees with an incorporated healthcare plan centered on providing offshore medical treatment. "It's becoming more and more accepted. We are getting companies contacting us, wantingus to be part of their health plan,” Lash adds.

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As a value-added benefit, today’s medical tourism that is now being touted by top medical brands like Satori World Medical presents employers with cost-cutting solutions to expensive healthcare benefits that they provide for their employees. Moreover, it gives employees new possibilities to avoid spending thousands of dollars for a simple surgery at home at a cost that could be cut by half abroad.

Satori World Medical, Satori World Medical. Image Credit:
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Although the globalized healthcare industry has yet to take off because of people’s fears and doubts, more and more people are starting to see the potential of using medical travel as an option against costly medical care in this country. Today, it’s just a matter of making people willing to go the extra mile.

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