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Satori World Medical: Getting ready for the long flight

Satori World Medical is the leading healthcare network and service provider known worldwide for offering quality care at a fraction of the cost. The company boasts of its International Centers of Excellence located in nine key countries across the globe including Costa Rica, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, and Puerto Rico.

This latest blog entry will discuss how patients can make themselves comfortable during long flights, say, they are traveling from one continent to another to acquire medical treatment.

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Satori World Medical Image Credit: Sxc.hu

The hours of waiting at the airport and the actual travel, although seated 90 percent of the time, leave travelers feeling exhausted. To avoid this weariness and boredom, travelers can apply these tips on how to enjoy travel time:

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Satori World Medical Image Credit: USnews.com

Satori World Medical was awarded by Entrepreneur Magazine as Trailbazers and Trendsetters of 2010.

- Flight preparations. Booking a flight is more convenient now, as compared to before, thanks to the Internet. Travelers can even choose their preferred seat according to its availability. For long flights, an aisle or exit row seat is great for more leg room.

- The early bird. It’s always best to arrive ahead of time to avoid being pressured at the check-in counter or when something unexpected—like delayed or cancelled flights—comes up.

- Bringing a good book. Travelers can make the most of the travel time by immersing themselves in a good piece of literature. For those who can’t read while in the plane due to motion sickness, audio books are considered great alternatives.

Satori World Medical, Image Credit: Fodors.com -- URL: http://www.fodors.com/news/story_4887.html
Satori World Medical Image Credit: Fodors.com

Satori World Medical’s Business and Care Model is comprised of four pillars of excellence, namely, quality care, health and shared wealth program, world-class customer service, and companion care.

- Standing and walking. Long flights can be a pain, quite literally. To avoid back pain and the like, travelers are encouraged to walk or stand once in a while along the aisle or at the standing area used by the flight attendants.

- Sleeping well. Travelers are advised to get ample sleep, not only during the flight but before traveling, to avoid feeling exhausted during the trip especially if they find it hard to sleep in a semi-sitting position.

- Freshening up. Passengers may ask the flight attendants about their expected time of arrival so as to have time to freshen up— wash their face and brush their teeth in the lavatory.

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