Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Steven Lash: Medical tourism at a glance

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High quality treatment and cost-effective, immediate medical procedures—these are the lures of medical tourism. Respected health travel operator Steven Lash of Satori World Medical probably said it all when he corrected the wrong understanding that “only the US or other First World countries is the front of all clinical excellence.”

There’s no monopoly of excellence. But the real underlying issue in healthcare is the diversity of interests at various fronts. Medical tourism comes as an international option to an issue being fiercely fought at home.

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While medical tourism is not an alternative to the expensive healthcare predicament, it’s a fresh, effective option against the crippling effects of recession and higher cost of medical care. Many embraced the idea and innovation behind the trend. Steven Lash, who founded Satori World Medical in 2008, took notice of the ripples of need for better and affordable healthcare. As the demand swelled in the face of recession and tangled issues on healthcare reform at home, Lash took lead. Today, Satori is at the helm of the global explosion of medical tourism. “Now, people realize that there is quality health care outside the United States," he said.

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With the way the industry is faring so far, it’s probably the best, healthy thing that could happen at all.

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